Certification Step 2

Certification Step 2 2012-01-12T11:08:22+00:00

Certification Exercise

1.  Pick any* business process in your organization.
* Please do not submit any proprietary information.  Simplify if necessary.
2.  Create process model following Method and Style principles
Hierarchical structure, no more than 10 activities in process level
Show collaboration, end states, proper labeling…
3.  The model as a whole must include at least one each of the following elements.
1. XOR Gateway testing child-level end state (gateway end state test)
2. Parallel activities with synchronizing join into activity
3. Wait for message with timeout, using event gateway
4. Error throw-catch
4.  Validate using both BPMN and Style rules
… and fix all the violations
5.  Include in the email body a brief narrative explaining the process (just in case).  Email .vsd file to bruce@brsilver.com.