Process Improvement Training

Process Improvement Training 2015-01-29T19:35:35+00:00

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BPMessentials is excited to offer two courses on business process improvement.  Oriented toward business users, both courses were developed by Shelley Sweet of I4Process, a well-known BPM practitioner with many years of experience helping organizations improve their business processes, and author of The BPI Blueprint.

Starting and Organizing a BPM Project shows you how to get started in a business process improvement project: who should be on the team, their roles and responsibilities, and a step-by-step methodology for achieving the project objectives.

Analyzing and Optimizing a BPM Process shows you how to apply a variety of analytical techniques to uncover and highlight problem areas in the current process and create a process that addresses the process owner’s objectives and improvement targets.

New Panel Discussion webcast with Shelley Sweet and IBM’s Sam Antoun and Brain Safron How to Make Lean Six Sigma Projects More Successful